RT as Mechanic Service Management Platform

Anyone using RT for an auto or marine type shop? I’m a long time RT user, have mostly used it in the IT/Telecoms space but new project is for a Marine & Industrial Generator Repair shop.

Using a lot of custom fields, assets to track customers, probably going to write a script to use API to create monthly tickets for those customers that are on a monthly contract. Just curious if anyone else is using RT in this space and how the experience has been.


I’m using RT in an musical instrument repair workshop for 5 years now.
As you I had previously used RT in a IT context.
I really like the flexibility or RT to adapt to the repair model. We manage various workflows using queues depending on our business processes.
We heavily rely on timers for tasks/tickets which are asy to use by the technicians, use many custom fields, then RT is connected to an external invoicing tool via REST with a custom ticket widget.
We can manage the CRM aspect and relation to part orders all in RT, this is really efficient.

If you know how RT works from the inside, then there is no doubt you can tailor it to your needs easily. First make sure you define the model correctly from the start, as it may be diffucult to change later.

Have fun w!