RT Announce extension - Resolved

I’ve recently added a couple of extensioins to RT which work great out of the box for privileged users, however they do not present for the selfservice users. Specifically, the ToggleTheme extension which swithes between light and dark elevator themes, and the Announcement banner. I’m not terribly concerned with the toggle, but is there an easy way to make the banner visible to unprivileged users?

Missed the setting of the variable in the SiteConfig.pm

Set( $ShowAnnouncementsInSelfService, true);

For the toggle extension since its separate from BPS I can look to push a new version that supports the self service page. It also seems sane to add a rights check that users have the ModifySelf right

That would be great for the Toggle extension. Thanks for looking into this

Yup I pushed version 0.03 that adds the rights check along with the self service support ( assuming ‘Everyone’ has ModifySelf ) if you’d like to try it out:

Worked like a charm…thanks again