RT Announce extension removal

Is there an easy way to remove an extension for RT and any code that was associated with it’s install? I’d installed RTAnnounce some time ago, and it worked fine during testing, but somewhere along the way, it changed, and now displays the banner for unprivileged users twice. I’ve been unable to determine where the problem lies, so would like to try stripping the extension right out altogether and reinstall

If the extension has entry(s) in the RT_SiteConfig.pm you could just comment those out, flush the Mason cache and restart the webserver.

That would only disable the extension though. I’d like to remove it altogether and reinstall, but given that it creates a queue, as well as a custom field associated with the queue, there likely isn’t a way to removed it from the DB.

This issue is actually caused by a bug in RT and not the extension and this will be fixed in the next release. For now, you can get a patch for RT here: