RT and qmail

I’m not sure that the problem lies in RT_SiteConfig.pm I have tried
just about everyconfig for it and can’t seem to get it working. There
have been a couple other people posting to the list, but there doesn’t
seem to be very much help for us qmail users.


Thanks for your reply.

I got RT auto-responding to emailed requests last night. I
read a mention that qmail’s sendmail-clone was silently
dropping mails with mal-formed From: and Reply-To: headers.
Setting these:

Set($CorrespondAddress , ‘rt@logicsquad.net’);
Set($CommentAddress , ‘rt@logicsquad.net’);

fixed it. Then I have:

Set($MailCommand , ‘sendmailpipe’);
Set($SendmailArguments , “-t”);
Set($SendmailPath , “/var/qmail/bin/sendmail”);

That seems sufficient.

Ok autoresponding isn’t my problem. I can’t seem to get mail to be sent
on ticket creating or modification even though all the actions are
there, and scrips. Do users and creators get sent mail on your system?