RT and Gmail config, recent password change

Hi all,

I’ve been using RT with google workspace domain mail for the past few months with no issue. Recently, the password expired and had to be changed. After updating all the getmail files with the correct password, RT was able to start processing new tickets, however is still unable to process outgoing e-mail. I’ve already made sure that gmail has the allow less secure apps option enabled.

Has anyone encountered a similar issue?

Any help would be great!

This is the guide I used to configure gmail to work with RT, it has worked great so far!

bestpractical . com/ blog / 2019 /3/blog-post-personal-rt


Mar 25 16:49:03 localhost sendmail[19387]: 22P7n1wP019387: to=a@a.com,b@b.com, ctladdr=www-data (33/33), delay=00:00:02, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=relay, pri=259441, relay=[] [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (22P7n2tR019388 Message accepted for delivery)
Mar 25 16:49:04 localhost sm-mta[19390]: STARTTLS=client, relay=smtp.gmail.com., version=TLSv1.3, verify=FAIL, cipher=TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384, bits=256/256
Mar 25 16:49:05 localhost sm-mta[19390]: 22P7n2tR019388: to=<a@a.com>,<b@.com>, ctladdr=<www-data@localhost.localdomain> (33/33), delay=00:00:03, xdelay=00:00:02, mailer=relay, pri=349467, relay=smtp.gmail.com. [], dsn=5.0.0, stat=Service unavailable
Mar 25 16:49:05 localhost sm-mta[19390]: 22P7n2tR019388: 22P7n5tR019390: DSN: Service unavailable
Mar 25 16:49:07 localhost sm-mta[19390]: 22P7n5tR019390: to=<www-data@localhost.localdomain>, delay=00:00:02, xdelay=00:00:01, mailer=local, pri=30000, dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent

cat ./getmailrc-it
type      = SimpleIMAPSSLRetriever
server    = imap.gmail.com
username  = support-address@domain.com
password  = password
mailboxes = ("RT\IT",)

type      = MDA_external
path      = /opt/rt5/bin/rt-mailgate
arguments = ("--url", "http://rtserver", "--queue", "it", "--action", "correspond",)

read_all = false
delete = true
message_log = /var/log/getmail.log`Preformatted text`

Are you using postfix for outgoing email?

I am using sendmail. I answered my own question though. The mail credentials are stored in two locations - the getmailrc files as well as under /etc/mail/authinfo/

makemap hash gmail-idpass < gmail-idpass

Google has indicated that they will disable the ‘less secure apps’ option in May, which will break our server’s config.

We do not run an internal SMTP server in our company - can anyone recommend any alternatives that will work with RT as external outgoing mail servers?