RT and Change Management extension

Hi RT community,

I am looking at standing up a Change Management queue. I found RT-Extension-ChangeManagement but it is apparently only available for RT 5. Before I try to produce a version 4.4.4/5 version does anyone know if there are technical hurdles involved in the port. That is, does it depend on feature only available in v5?


When you check it out in git look for tags and branches. Non-default versions may support 4.4.x out of the box.


Looking in Makefile.PL, it claims to work with 4.4.0 as well, so you might be okay. Even if it doesn’t work trivially, you can implement the changes that package do manually.

This may be useful: Customizing/Approvals - RT 4.4.6 Documentation - Best Practical

We’re using RT 4.4.4 for change management, but created the Scrips etc ourselves.


Thank you for the pointer to the Makefile.PL. I had just read the README. It did not look like it used any v5 only features at a quick perusal. I have rolled my own version previously in an earlier version of RT and we have a home grown tool to manage it but moving some of our internal change management back into RT is appealing. I will update after I finish my testing.