RT Administrator not available

Sadly, my RT administrator is not at work for the foreseeable future and they were the only person to be a member of the superuser administrator group on our system.

I’m new to RT, can use the front-end Ok, but have very limited experience of it’s administration.

I’ve worked out that we have LDAP authentication to our AD and that we’ve a superusers group called ‘RT Admin’. I’ve full root access to the linux backend.

What I cannot figure out is how to login to the system as an administrator or how to add my RT user to the ‘RT Admin’ group.

Is there a way I can configure the system, perhaps via the command line, to fix my problem please?



This documentation recovering/changing the enoch root password in RT might be of use to you. You’ll need to have command line access to your server, access to the SQL database and be comfy running/understanding SQL statements.

Oh, that is so good and it’s worked first time!

Thank you @GreenJimll