RT - Adding Webparts and Integrating Databases

Hi all,

Has anyone had any luck adding new “sections” (like "The Basics, “Content”, “People”, "Dates, et c.) or even webparts (like “Ticket Metadata” and “History”) to interact with a second, nosql database?

I have a document-store DB that I’m trying to capture a 1 ticket:Many data inputs relationship for to add fidelity of linkage around technical details across tickets. My requirement is to also allow for users within a ticket to:

  1. View a table that displays all data inputs related to the open ticket and various other columns of related information
  2. Add, modify, or delete data inputs within the ticket they are accessing.

I have no clue how to approach this problem (if it’s possible) and would appreciate any anecdotes others might have from similar efforts.


Have you taken a look at the documentation for ‘Extending/External custom fields’? That together with custom field groupings may get you close to what you want.