Rt add-ons?

Hello All,

After evalutating several different request/support related software, I have
settled on RT for its customization and features. It seems like a great
application. I was wondering if there are any add-ons or templates available
that aren’t listed on the web site. Also, any other ideas/tips that you’ve run
into that help you use request tracker work best for your company would be


Jesse wrote:> On Mon, Jan 22, 2001 at 05:05:30PM -0500, Jeff Blaine wrote:

Will RT 2.0 “release” have PostgreSQL support “out da box”?

Does RT 2.0 alpha 2 have it?
Yes, but it’s known to have issues. I’m currently waiting on a patch
to the database substrate, DBIx::SearchBuilder, which addresses many of them.

Better yet, is there a stabilized version of RT that has PostgreSQL
long long long ago, somoene ported rt 0.99.something to postgres as a oneoff.
however it was rather a lot of work and it wasn’t possible to maintain
that in the same codebase as the core distribution.

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