RT actively developed?

Is RT still being actively developed? It appears that there has not been a new release in over 12 months.



Perhaps you define actively different than I do, but even a cursory glance at github shows plenty of activity.

Max likely looked at the dates on the downloads page, which haven’t changed since last July. This is a reasonable and likely very common metric by which someone new to RT would judge the project’s activity level. Perhaps the downloads page should reference the Github site?

You are correct. I simply looked at the Best Practical downloads page (https://bestpractical.com/download-page). How would one, who is not familiar with GitHub know what the latest release is? I’m currently running 4.4.1.


Well, as far as I can tell, 4.4.1 is the current version. But the question was about whether the project is still being developed, and the commit log shows that development is ongoing. Whether that level of activity meets your particular definition of “actively developed” is of course up to you.

Also, the download page already references the github page. That’s how I found it.

Hey Max,

Your question was “Is RT still being actively developed?” The key word there is “developed”. Since we are talking about the development or RT we should be looking at developer repositories of the software: a la github.

It is because RT is under so much development, that releases are far and few between. Nevertheless, RT is actively developed.


As I understand it, 4.4.2 is set to be released sometime soon per some notes from the recent security patch. Turns out Best Practical already has the documentation for 4.4.2 up at https://docs.bestpractical.com/rt/4.4.2/.

Excellent. Thanks for the feedback everybody!