RT-Action-NotifyGroup 0.02

Distribution on its way to CPAN.

New release should fix problems with Storable because I get rid of
it(was silly idea to use it). If you had problems please upgrade and
report back on success or failures.

This version should be backward compatible.

You also can now edit scrip action arguments directly, it’s groups/users
IDs separated with ‘;’, but do it only if you know what you’re doing.


  • fea: Output script usage help if Pod::PlainText installed
    or perldoc hint in other case

  • upd: new documentaton for admin script

  • fea: Support autoconversion of old arguments

  • fea/fix: get rid of Storable using to save args

  • fea: New M::I::Configure that prevent installation of .in files
    get rid of autoconf use/step in installation process
    and should fix PAUSE indexing of the script

    		Best regards. Ruslan.

PS: Look for next release it would be with new feature “Admin it easy
via WEB” :slight_smile: but only after Shredder 0.02(sorry for hold-ups)
PPS: patches are wellcome :slight_smile: