I’ve found the math to be a little off, at least for my use. It will max
priority anything within 47.9~ hours of the due date. The int() rounding
is somewhat the culprit plus dividing by 1 will always go max priority.
I’ve used this for my use where it will only max out if the current time
is a second or more passed due. ceil will make diff_in_days always count
a full day for any second over a full day. You can take out
$diff_in_days + 1 if you want it to max if it’s within a day in seconds.
This isn’t a change proposal more like personal thing, perhaps within a
day or over logic could be configurable, although the original int
rounding does make it off a bit.

< use POSIX qw(ceil);
< my $diff_in_days = ceil( $diff_in_seconds / 86400);

  my $diff_in_days = int( $diff_in_seconds / 86400);

< my $inc_priority_by = int( $prio_delta / ( $diff_in_days + 1));