RT 5 Rich Text Spell Checker

We have recently moved from RT4 to RT5 and almost everything is working fine. Apart from the fact that the browser (or any checker) no longer works when we are typing.

I have a feeling I changed something in RT4 but that was a LONG time ago …

Are there any ways to set this working / any pointers ?


Without knowing what you had before can only suggest something new, but there are a bunch of CKEditor plugins you could try like:


Happy to look at that - is there any hints on where the config file for CKeditor is within RT ?

More than happy to configure / edit however is needed - if you could just provide a hint on where in the RT directory tree I should look I can make a copy / edit as need be

Thanks again for your help so far

Should be here: “share/static/RichText/config.js”