RT 5 - Database import issue

Hello guys,

I installed a fresh new instance of RT5 + rtir and made a backup of my RT 4.4.4 database (using rt-serializer). Im trying to import it on RT5 (using rt-importer), but it i got the error:

“DBD::Pg::st execute failed: ERROR: column “hotlist” of relation “classes” does not exist”.

am i doing the import correctly? any suggestion?

You can just upgrade to the step before 4.5.0 and then upgrade one step after it. All the 4.5.0 step does is remove the “hotlist” column from the classes table, but if it doesn’t exist for you it should be fine to skip

Ok, but how do i do that? using rt-importer script i don’t have control of that, i think.

Oh I didn’t see that you were serializing first. Are you switching database types during this upgrade as well? Ie from something like MySQL to Postgres?

Do you know what version of RT you originally installed RT as? I am curious when in RT’s history Hostlist wasn’t a column in the Classes table.

Its the same database type: Postgres to postgres. I’m importing from a RT 4.4.4 instance, that was serialized from a 4.4.2 and imported to 4.4.4.

You can just do a database SQL dump and restore that to the new database/server, then you can use the make upgrade command to run through the upgrade steps.

If you want to use the serializer you will need to use the serializer from the same version of RT 4.4.2. Then once the database is serialized into Postgres you can run the upgrade steps on the restored 4.4.2 database to upgrade it to 5.0

Thank you. im going to try a SQL dump and import in the new instance.

Do i only need to dump the rt4 db?

made a full postgres dump, import it in a new instance and a make upgrade && make upgrade-database work fine.

Thank you very much.

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