RT 5.0 Custom Fields while commenting/answering Tickets


after some initial problems, the new version of the RT works fine for us in production. We also deployed a fresh machine with RT 5, to get rid of some old threads.
Now we just got one problem: While answering/commenting tickets, the Custom Fields don’t show up anymore. While it’s always an option to set the custom fields first (if necessary) and comment afterwards, but this way doesn’t enforce to set mandatory fields.
Could someone tell me how to add them again?

I don’t see Custom Fields in the comment section of either our production 4.4.3 server or our test RT 5.0 server. If you’re seeing them in the comment creation page on your 4.x version, was that done through some local extensions/callbacks and if so have those been ported across to your RT 5.0 set up? For example this extension for RT4.

Hmm… It’s possible that this (or a similar) plugin was installed and I just overlooked it while migrating to the new machine.
That’s a good hint, thanks. I will reply again, once I checked this.

Hey there,

Could it have been RT::Extension::MandatoryOnTransition (https://github.com/bestpractical/rt-extension-mandatoryontransition). This extension has been updated for 5.0 and I’m using it successfully.

Because of other tasks, I have to delay this until tomorrow, but I will give some feedback.
Thanks for the link, an plugin that’s already checked/updated for version 5 sounds good.

Allright, I fixed that problem.
@cgb the extension looks interesting, but wasn’t exactly what we where looking for, since it would (at least as far as I got it) still require setting the necessary fields first and then closing the ticket, in stead of doing all in one go.

@GreenJimll The Plugin was installed at the old rt 4.4 instance. And while I wasn’t able to install it clean for RT 5, it seems to be still working if you just copy the installed files from the old version. I’ll keep an eye on possible problems after installing the plugin.

Thanks for the assistance.

@Marcant The plugin does ensure mandatory fields are set on transition :slight_smile:


If mandatory fields not set when clicking update ticket, it rejects the change and provides warning banner at top:


Hope that helps :slight_smile:

Well, in that case it seems like I wasn’t paying enough attention to the configuration and did something wrong.
Anyway, the old plugin works again and my boss is happy. :slight_smile:

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