RT 5.0.4 Blank emails on Actions Resolve


We recently upgraded to RT 5.0.4 from RT 4.4.3. Mostly it is all working fine but are just ironing out a few small issues.

In the RT 4.4.3 installation, if an admin user does Actions → Resolve and then just hits “Update Ticket” without typing anything into the message box, RT would just resolve the ticket without sending any correspondence. (The message box just contains the user’s signature.)

When we do the same thing in RT 5.0.4, it sends out an empty email containing just the signature before resolving the ticket.

Is there a way to revert to the previous behaviour?



Some mention of it here:-

Seems to do with html email signatures?

HTML signatures are just broken at the moment, and unfortunately if anyone edits their ‘About Me’ info while having the WYSIWYG message composer enabled in their settings then it automatically changes their signature to HTML without asking when the save button is pressed (even if they didn’t change anything).