RT 5.0.3 LDAP import users

hello, I recently installed the request tracker 5.0.3 and I am trying to import and synchronize with the users of the active directory of windows serve, but I am not able to do such a thing, I am still doing tests before putting the real server, I leave my files below the configuration with the Windows server’s Active Directory and the machine where RT is installed, I can’t import both by putting the server’s ip and the domain name, in this case I want to import an organizational unit that is “Administradores” if someone helps me thanks .
Ip servidor: domain: MinhaRede.loca unit organizational: Administadores.

I don’t know if this is true of AD when accessed over LDAP, but for a traditional LDAP server your username would be the fully-qualified DN like uid=Administrator,ou=Administrators,dc=minharede,dc=local (match this to your environment).

Other tools to use to get you closer are:

  • Use ldapsearch (this is a standard linux tool; not sure if it is present on windows) to ensure you know how to authenticate/bind to your server with the LDAP protocol.
  • Look at RT’s logs
  • Try using LDAPImport instead of ExternalAuthentication to test RT’s binding – you can use the rt-ldapimport command-line tool with the --debug flag to get more detailed output from RT’s binding to the LDAP server.