RT 5.0.2 beta1 Available for Testing

RT 5.0.2 beta1 is now available for testing. This release contains many new features (many also in 4.4.5) along with various updates and bug fixes. You can view release notes on our documentation site:

RT 5.0.2 beta 1 release notes

Below is the link to the beta release. We added one new dependency, so you’ll need to install the Parallel::ForkManager Perl module.

One notable change is that in this release, the RT at a glance page (RT’s homepage) is now a dashboard. This means you can pick any dashboard to be your homepage and change it easily as needed. This does require some DB updates which are included in the usual make upgrade-database step. We’re interested to hear if any users run into issues. More details are available in the UPGRADING notes.

We appreciate your help testing out these new releases. As with previous releases, you can report any issues in our public RT instance or post here for discussion.


SHA-256 sums

33ace81760621a108705aeebfcc1375a37e207099df71f403e9e7957418a0b1e  rt-5.0.2beta1.tar.gz
84b10b066ccea1d64a86006f5b0ba8334afc2f1d876c72477c047206308f2997  rt-5.0.2beta1.tar.gz.asc


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