RT 4.4.7 Released

RT 4.4.7 is now available for general use. Our documentation site has notes on upgrading from earlier versions and detailed release notes.

In addition to a batch of updates, new features, and fixes, there are several important security updates provided in this release. Details on these fixes are in the release notes linked above. We recommend that all RT users upgrade to get these security updates.

Note that in addition to upgrading to this new version, access to the mail-gateway REST endpoint can, and in most cases should, be restricted to only the RT server itself (localhost). This access restriction can typically be applied in the web server running with your RT (Apache or other). This configuration is more clearly documented as part of this release and we recommend all RT admins review your web server configuration and consider restricting access to this mail-gateway REST endpoint.

As you plan your upgrade, note that the 4.4 series is very much in maintenance mode and receiving only important bug fixes. We are not announcing the end of life yet, but if you are still running version 4.4, you should start working on your plans to upgrade to RT 5. Plus you’ll get a bunch of new features!


SHA-256 sums

47af1651d5df3f25b6374ff6c1da71c66202d61919d9431c17259fa3df69ae59  rt-4.4.7.tar.gz
01a7707d44c60ce8faece9fe6cb6411c87578137c7e88da7a87c9f29620b5795  rt-4.4.7.tar.gz.asc


Just to let folks know, this release is now available in Debian Testing (aka Trixie). The security fixes are also now included in RT 4.4.6 in Debian 12 (aka Bookworm), RT 4.4.4 in Debian 11 (aka Bullseye) and RT 4.4.3 in Debian 10 (aka Buster).

But uh, if you’re on anything older than Bookworm you should upgrade, because then you can easily upgrade to the Debian packages of RT 5.0.3.

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