RT 4.4.7 beta1 Available for Testing

RT 4.4.7 beta1 is now available for testing. This release has the usual batch of bug fixes and a few new features. At this point, the 4.4 series is very much in maintenance mode and receiving only important bug fixes. We are not announcing the end of life yet, but if you are still running version 4.4, you should start working on your plans to upgrade to RT 5. Plus you’ll get a bunch of new features!

You can see the full list of changes on our documentation site:

RT 4.4.7 beta 1 release notes

We appreciate your help testing out these new releases. As with previous releases, you can report any issues in our public RT instance or post here for discussion.

Below are links to the beta releases:


SHA-256 sums

6c6a64c22b5ec445a57ab1d1aebaec8045d519583bcea83943e709d0b12ecbb9  rt-4.4.7beta1.tar.gz
7d964dd617ae086752628ca813812738ae98a8f4b9e815a4f285aa6e0bd84d9e  rt-4.4.7beta1.tar.gz.asc