RT 4.4.6 Released

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of RT 4.4.6. Our documentation site has notes on upgrading from earlier versions and detailed release notes. This release contains various updates and bug fixes. Importantly, there are also security updates provided in this release.

RT 5.0 is also available and the 4.4 series is in maintenance mode. We encourage all RT users to consider upgrading to the 5.0 series to get the latest new features. If you are interested, a video is available with more information about RT 5.


SHA-256 sums

1eff5bd9e556b5d6682ccd0e5b2f3dcc2c49a9ec4e215dadb90c4caf5e435e9e  rt-4.4.6.tar.gz
f93cefaa0c4d5047118168aa2212752fe4e5906d8696bcf8fc287a2345b53a71  rt-4.4.6.tar.gz.asc