RT 4.4.5 beta1 Available for Testing

RT 4.4.5 beta1 is now available for testing. This release contains many new features (also included in RT 5.0.2) along with various updates and bug fixes. You can view release notes on our documentation site:

RT 4.4.5 beta 1 release notes

Below is the link to the beta release. We added one new dependency, so you’ll need to install the Parallel::ForkManager Perl module.

One notable update is the availability of a script you can run as part of the upgrade to reduce the number of records in the CachedGroupMembers table (possibly many records). It would be great to get feedback on any unexpected results from running this script. More details are available in the UPGRADING notes.

We appreciate your help testing out these new releases. As with previous releases, you can report any issues in our public RT instance or post here for discussion.


SHA-256 sums

5e6a6ecd395456bd89a3915b7f47ccb461892bfe0b2b3c0868431d64f15c7101  rt-4.4.5beta1.tar.gz
3bcc9ab83b673664f485677d58e3f395e57083f74693fbf52fa4b6ed36b8f5d5  rt-4.4.5beta1.tar.gz.asc