RT 4.4.4 email suggestions in CC and BCC

We have problems with the suggestions in the CC and BCC email fields. Once an email address has been entered in the wrong spelling and the mail has been sent, it is suggested again and again. These addresses are not linked to a user account.
Can we delete them from the cache somehow?
Or what else can we do?

I have had the same issue with my RT.
As root user I was able to search for the misspelled username and was able to delete it. For my understanding RT will create a user internally, everytime an e-mail address is entered.

Go to Search -> Users and enter the name. On the details page you see a menu bar on the top with “Edit”. Click on edit and on the lower right side you will find a set of controls to remove the user:
Bildschirmfoto 2021-05-18 um 16.59.26

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Thank you, that’s it!
I have had no administrator rights so far. Now I can use them and tried it out.
We decided now not to delete the user accounts but to anonymize them.

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