RT 4.4.2 released

We’re pleased to announce the general availability of RT 4.4.2. This release introduces several important security fixes, a handful of new features, and many bugfixes.

We have redesigned how time worked is calculated per user and for children tickets. As always please be sure to review the UPGRADING-4.4 document.

Please see our official release announcement for more information, including the complete set of changes and bugfixes.

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  • Custom fields now have a “New values must be unique” option.
  • Custom fields now support value canonicalization (for example, automatically changing input values to be all uppercase). See the @CustomFieldValuesCanonicalizers config option.
  • Ticket timers provide a comment box for quickly adding ticket comments to describe your time worked.
  • You can now set up default values for assets on a catalog level.
  • You can choose to display result counts on ticket search portlets using the new $ShowSearchResultCount config setting.
  • There is now a “Load all history” link for the “as you scroll” history loading mode, to allow you to use browser-based text search.
  • We now display a list of recently-viewed tickets in the Search → Tickets → Recently Viewed menu.
  • We have made RT::Extension::AdminConditionsAndActions part of core RT, so you can now easily configure the conditions and actions of your scrips right within the admin UI.

If we already have the AdminConditionsAndActions deployed, do we just remove the plug-in from the @Plugins directive, or is there anything else we need to be aware of? Thanks!

Hi Stephen,

Removing AdminConditionsAndActions from @Plugins should be sufficient. You can also remove the /opt/rt4/local/plugins/RT-Extension-AdminConditionsAndActions/ directory if you like, which is where the code for the extension lives.