RT 4.4.2 - Autocomplete history of formular/text fields

Hi there,

I have a really simple question to the pro’s of RT admins. Is it possible to modify the autocomplete list of formular fields?
For example, I open an existing ticket and switch to the “People” tab. There I like to change the Requestor. So I click on “Add new watchers” choose “Type > Requestor” and enter a eMail Adresse. Until there no problem. But if I start typing the eMail address I got a lot of old / no longer available eMail addresses. Is there any way to delete some of the suggested addresses?
I noticed that this history is not from the browser it seems to be on the RT side anywhere in the database.
Unfortunately I couldn’t find any thread in this forum which covers this issue.

Many thanks in advanced.

I did some tests and researches on my testing platform and I found out that the list you get presented while you are typing into a formular/text field is the content of the Users table of the database.
Of course we cannot delete any entry from there because we will loose the reference to tickets.

Therefore I will update my question. Is it possible to disable the suggestions while I’m typing an email address?

Well, what about to add a hashtag (#) in front of obsolete mail addresses? You won’t lose continuity and the autocomplete would AFAIK behave better.

Yes, the autocomplete works better then, but it’s quite ugly hack. Depending on current situation this is solvable these ways:

  • shred the obsolete users
  • merge the user with obsolete email address into the user (same person) with actual address
  • rename the obsolete users as first suggested

Perhaps it would be useful too to shred all users with no tickets (already shredded spam).