RT 4.4.1 RT-Extension-ServiceUpdates-0.2 popup fails

I am working on our upgrade to 4.4.1 and the ServiceUpdates extension pop-ups are failing with the error:
An internal RT error has occurred. Your administrator can find more details in RT’s log files.

when I try to update any one of the items. The link is:


I can update the ticket using the normal ticket update process, but the pop-up is much more friendly. Does anyone have any ideas on how to debug this further.


Okay, to followup on my own post. I enabled DevelMode and got the following trace:

System error

error: could not find component for path '/Elements/Callback’

64: chunk.style.display = “none”;
65: }
66: }
68: <& /Elements/Callback, _CallbackName => ‘Head’, %ARGS &>
70: <BODY BGCOLOR="<%$BgColor%>“
71: % if ($Focus) {
72: ONLOAD=”

code stack: /opt/rt441/share/html/ServiceUpdate/Elements/Header:68

I copied that file from RT 3.8.13 to local/html/Elements/Callback and restarted RT.
That fixed it. I do not know if there is a more approved way for RT 4.4.1. Should I log a bug report for the extension?