RT 4.4.1 - rights

recently I started using RT and I want to set it up in a particular way. I created few queues and groups. Users (group) should be able to post tickets in any queue but they should not be able to see other tickets in those queues. Given that I granted user group CreateTicket rights (users are enabled in RT) it seems I also need to add SeeQueue to let users create tickets. The thing is, SeeQueue lets users see all the tickets in that queue. Is there a way to set it up the way I described it?

Thanks in advance!

Yes, it’s a very strange thing in RT, imho.
If you want users create tickets via web, you should give them SeeQueue right.
With this right users can only see the list of tickets (privileged users), but they can’t access tickets.
RT::Queues->new($session{‘CurrentUser’}); get only queues that current user CanSee. So, in SelfService I modified CreateTicketInQueue.html (copy it to local) and changed



my $queues = RT::Queues->new(RT->SystemUser);