RT 4.2.8 released

RT 4.2.8 – 2014-10-02

RT 4.2.8 contains important security fixes, as well as minor bugfixes.


SHA1 sums

6842a1e442e6055ecbae0d443a99361072e45591 rt-4.2.8.tar.gz
375ef344407b54f73730524bef85b4be5b1948e2 rt-4.2.8.tar.gz.asc

This release is primarily a security release; it addresses
CVE-2014-7227, a vulnerability in RT’s SMIME integration enabled by
CVE-2015-6271 and related vulnerabilities, known as “Shellshock.”
Systems which have patched bash are not vulnerable to CVE-2014-7227.

It also addresses a minor error in the 4.2.7 upgrade step on Oracle; for
Oracle users who had already upgraded to 4.2.7, the 4.2.8 upgrade step
properly runs the same alteration. There is no database change for
non-Oracle installs.

General user UI

  • Properly hide ticket list when MoreAboutRequestorTicketList is set to


  • Allow text in Squelch box on ModifyPeople page to be translatable.
  • Updated German, Basque, French, Hungarian, and Russian translations.


  • Allow $OverrideOutgoingMailFrom to key by queue id, as an alternative
    to name
  • Stop calling the deprecated _SQLLimit method when limiting by
    transaction date
  • Stop hiding the value of the AllowLoginPasswordAutoComplete setting
    in System Configuration (#30417)
  • Resolve CVE-2014-7227, arbitrary execution of code by privileged
    users via SMIME by way of CVE-2015-6271.


  • Add a ModifyMaxResults callback for Autocomplete endpoints
  • Properly pass collection class to ColumnMap in /Elements/TSVExport


  • Update POD for AddRoleMember/DeleteRoleMember being in
    RT::Record::Role::Roles now, not RT::Record.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log rt-4.2.7…rt-4.2.8
or visiting
Comparing rt-4.2.7...rt-4.2.8 · bestpractical/rt · GitHub
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