RT 4.2.7rc1 relased

RT 4.2.7rc1 – 2014-09-04

RT 4.2.7rc1 is now available for testing.


SHA1 sums

a57742940315e5136bea74c140c8deeecc49b677 rt-4.2.7rc1.tar.gz
3e231a37fa1bc8915573b9a31f1c85817ae6e101 rt-4.2.7rc1.tar.gz.asc

This release is primarily a bugfix release; most notably, it reworks
UTF8 data handling to work with versions of DBD::Pg 3.3.0 and above. On
PostgreSQL, this requires a newer version of DBIx::SearchBuilder.

It also includes a minor database upgrade step; no matter how minor, do
not forget to take (and test) database backups before upgrading.

General user UI

  • Fix algorithm for determining which links to display in ticket
    relationship graphs with a MaxDepth
  • Use “Correspondence added” or “Comment added” rather than the general
    “Message recorded”
  • Loading saved charts should load all of their settings (#29015)
  • Stop fixing the width of “New ticket in” button (#27649)
  • Record transactions in ticket history when attachments were dropped
    or truncated due to $MaxAttachmentSize
  • Still delay transaction loading when “full headers” have been
  • Add an “overdue” class on Due columns, to match DueRelative columns.
  • Only show “overdue” class if the ticket status is still active
  • Fix styling of “There are unread messages” box in aileron
  • Keep date and datetime custom field inputs during failed ticket
  • Silence warnings from emails without Content-Transfer-Encoding
  • Silence warnings on user modify pages for disabled users
  • Let custom field grouping boxes link on Display pages link to the
    appropriate anchor on editing pages (#30195)


  • Localize “Recursive” column title in group memberships page
  • Additional missing locstrings for numerous titleboxes
  • Stop translating titles piecemeal in SelfService (#14736)
  • Updated Catalan, German, Basque, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Brazilian
    Portuguese, and Russian translations


  • Reduce values queried using “rt ls” to only those displayed; this
    speeds request time significantly when a large number of custom
    fields are applied
  • Add -s option to “rt comment”, to set status when adding a comment or
    correspondence (#30375)


  • Add %AdminSearchResultRows configuration for altering the number of
    rows per page of object types in the administrative interface
  • Add an additional suggested index on Attachments’ Creator for
    deleting users with Shredder
  • Fix rt-dump-metadata, by removing PrivateKey from _Accessible
  • Rework internals dealing with characters/bytes, for better internal
    consistency, and su support DBD::Pg 3.3.0 and above.
  • Provide rt-mailgate version in User-Agent string (#18420)
  • Reword errors given for rt-crontool when no valid user is found
  • Show the right error message when rt-crontool fails to load a module
  • Properly detect when rt-server is called without --listen
  • Detect auto-generated mail in the presence of multiple Precedence:
  • Strip non-word characters from custom field variable names in Simple
    templates; this allows use of custom fields with spaces (#18446)
  • Streamline 3.8 → 4.0 and 4.0 → 4.2 upgrade steps by reducing the
    number of ALTER TABLE calls that are run, adding/dropping multiple
    columns at once (#21309)
  • Remove LogoImageHeight and LogoImageWidth configuration varables,
    which had no effect (#26827)


  • Add a callback to manipulate which link types are displayed on
  • Allow Object to be a subref in @Attributes in initialdata, to allow
    for attributes on arbitrary objects
  • Ignore vim swap files when testing
  • Allow the SuccessfulLogin callback to alter where RT redirects to
  • Add a callback to alter arguments to Showhistory
  • Consistently use ->_GroupingClass when determining record class for
    grouping lookup.
  • Allow ->Deprecated to take a loglevel
  • Switch from MIME::Head->set(), deprecated for the last 16 years, to
    ->replace() (#18417)


  • Correct documentation on where Shredder places sqldump files (#19167)
  • Consistently use say 1/0 instead of true/false in RT_Config.pm
  • Document how ordering in lifecycle transitions controls ordering in
    the status drop-down

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log rt-4.2.6…rt-4.2.7rc1
or visiting
Comparing rt-4.2.6...rt-4.2.7rc1 · bestpractical/rt · GitHub