RT 4.2.17 Released

RT 4.2.17 is now available as a maintenance release. This is the final release in the RT 4.2 series. Users should plan to upgrade soon to a supported release of RT 4.4 or 5.0. Our documentation site has notes on upgrading from earlier versions and detailed release notes.

This release also includes a security update which is described in the release notes.


SHA-256 sums

177b7e004b90ec7faaac8e21e11b7bc33bd129aba2d512e4b011c37995f8480c rt-4.2.17.tar.gz
95215dd19b46c01303470b8681d27626d3cb6c88a50491d6d5a9c8c7072bebe3 rt-4.2.17.tar.gz.asc