RT 4.2.15 Beta 1 Now Available

RT 4.2.15beta1 is now available for testing. The list of changes included with this release is below. We welcome any feedback or bug reports on this beta release.

(For long-time RT testers, this release is the same as what we previously called a release candidate. We have decided to change to beta since that has become a more familiar term for early release software.)


SHA-256 sums

238eb9b5cc2e2405c70ff73753e8c690bf3c6b88 rt-4.2.15beta1.tar.gz
d922ef067f9e475e675f25604db18805fba5966c rt-4.2.15beta1.tar.gz.asc

General user UI

  • Show the Ticket’s Subject when modifying the ticket.
  • Re-format RT/Config.pm so the # loc comment parses correctly.

Web Administration

  • Stop wrapping ShowUser in <a> tags to avoid unnecessary nested links.
  • When listing group members, sort by text-only representation of the
    user, not HTML (I#30771)
  • In the group admin page, stop pre-computing ShowUser.
  • In shredder, check for both id and name mismatches when loading objects


  • Cache OCFVs to improve performance searching for duplicates when adding
  • Remove unused dependencies on File::Copy and Carp.
  • On Oracle, return the empty string instead of undef for Subject when it
    has no value on a ticket.


  • Avoid using $id in /Ticket/Display.html so callbacks can modify id in ARGS.


  • Mention the RT-Attach-Message: yes header in template docs.
  • Fix incorrect path in portlet documentation.


  • Many changes to refactor sections of RT’s internationalization code.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log rt-4.2.14…rt-4.2.15beta1
or visiting

We plan to release official RT 4.2.15 in a week or so, please don’t hesitate to submit issues if you found any, thanks!