RT 4.0.20rc1 released

RT 4.0.20rc1 – 2014-05-06

RT 4.0.20rc1 is now available for testing.


SHA1 sums

0b8da0ee81997ec82b69131138370fcfc749317f rt-4.0.20rc1.tar.gz
39eb225bcd39df31ce923c3a554ca14606bbaba7 rt-4.0.20rc1.tar.gz.sig

This release is primarily a bugfix release; changes of note include:

General user UI

  • Resolve a regression in 4.0.19 wherein TITLE information was lost
    after parsing on the Advanced page (#29425)
  • Ensure that Sidebar / Body panes in dashboard configuration display
    in a consistent order.
  • Add Date and DateTime fields to bulk update.
  • Prevents “Can’t call method “DependsOn” on an undefined value” error
    in bulk update if tickets were deleted.
  • Show links to tickets which are not readable by the user as numbers,
    not as blank titles.
  • Allow non-ASCII characters in passwords (#28784)
  • Add a “Reset” button to revert homepage portlet formatting to the
    system default
  • Allow downloading attachments whose filenames contain a leading dot
  • Prevent uninitialized value warning on search result pages with no
    query (#29699)


  • Use one fewer database connections per rt-server process; this is
    most notable on fastcgi deployments, which spawn a number of
    rt-server processes
  • Catch and warn of template compilation errors, such as unbalanced
  • Prevent warnings on perl 5.19
  • Update suggested backup strategy on MySQL to no longer require LOCK
    TABLES privileges (#22893)
  • Prevent a possible infinite loop in rt-validator --resolve if
    Principal records were missing; default to forcing their creation.
  • Additional optional upgrade script for users who used
    RT::Extension::CustomField::Checkbox in RT 3.8
  • Default to connecting to sphinx via instead of localhost on
    MySQL 5.5, due to 0001815: SphinxSE fails to resolve hostnames in connection string on MySQL 5.5 - MantisBT
  • Remove “uninitialized value warnings” for upgrades from RT 3.8
  • Ensure that rt-test-dependencies re-execs itself using its full path,
    as module installations may have changed the directory (#29024)
  • Properly detect an existing database but missing schema in the web


  • Allow arbitrary Content-Disposition in REST uploads (#19770)


  • Correct a typo in the documentation for MakeClicky callbacks.
  • Allow consumers of EditCustomField to specify undef $Rows or $Cols to
    omit the respective attributes during form element rendering.
  • Allow members to be added to groups during group creation in
  • Allow consumers of /Elements/SimpleSearch to provide the placeholder
  • Default Domain to UserDefined for groups created in initialdata.
  • Add a comment warning about the use of the SetFieldsOnce callback in
    BuildFormatString; it will be removed in RT 4.4.
  • Fix behavior of RT::Date->AddDays when passed 0 days
  • Allow RT::Users->WhoBelongToGroups to optionally return unprivileged
  • Provide hooks to implement a cache on MakeClicky
  • Prevent race conditions in 99-policy.t by skipping t/tmp/ and other
    volatile directories.
  • Check POD of all files


  • Documentation on writing extensions for RT.
  • Updated parts of RT::StyleGuide
  • Note that changing queue subject tags may require altering

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log rt-4.0.19…rt-4.0.20rc1
or visiting
Comparing rt-4.0.19...rt-4.0.20rc1 · bestpractical/rt · GitHub