RT 4.0.11rc1 available

RT 4.0.11rc1 is now available for testing.


SHA1 sums

832a97b15286862f8bb8305882a843c89ace3353 rt-4.0.11rc1.tar.gz
58d4642a2e69966728815a89a4df1ecff0ab2310 rt-4.0.11rc1.tar.gz.sig

If you use RT with mod_perl and have not updated from SetHandler
perl-script to SetHandler modperl, RT will now refuse to start. You can
read more about mod_perl configuration here


  • Fix description of the ModifyACL right on Classes.
  • Allow sorting by a Queue’s SubjectTag (in the admin UI).
  • Reminders attached to tickets in the deleted status now no longer
    throw errors.
  • Custom Fields containing & were not being displayed properly in search
  • Validate usernames properly on rename as well as during creation.
  • Remove user preference for ‘Number of search results’ since it was
    unused and conflicted with the option on the My RT at a Glance
    configuration page.
  • Clean up temp files left behind by the REST interface.
  • Recipients and Scrips box on Ticket reply/comment pages retain
    checkbox state when uploading attachments or including articles or
    otherwise reloading the page.
  • Charts are no longer hidden by the print css.
  • Date Custom Fields should ignore time zones.
  • rt-crontool no longer throws an error on --help or other error
  • When choosing the Shredder link from search results, correctly select
    the Tickets plugin.
  • Bring back an Article quick search missing since before 4.0.0.
  • The default $ExtractSubjectTagMatch no longer removes [comment] from
    mail with subjects like [comment] [rtname #1].
  • In the Class PageMenus, load a Class not a CustomField to validate the id.
  • Date Custom Fields now parse strings like ‘today’ in the user’s
  • Username and Password are now the same length on IE8/9.
  • External Custom Fields can now be changed back to internal
    Custom Fields in the CF Admin UI.
  • Inline text attachments now obey PlainTextPre or PlainTextMono if
    they are set.
  • Once a Group contained more than one User or Group, current members of
    the Group were not being excluded from the autocomplete results.
  • Reloading pages with results= will no longer trigger the CSRF warning.


  • Update translations from Launchpad, including a new Catalan
    translation by Ton Orga Ventura.
  • Watcher searches now pre-load the user when possible to reduce joins
    to the Users table and boost query speed.
  • When using RT::Record->Update new values are truncated before being
    compared to the existing values. This removes a large number of
    repeated update transactions that don’t change anything.
  • Search result formats may contain mailto: links.
  • Refuse to start with an error message if RT is configured to use
    mod_perl with SetHandler perl-script.
  • Improve the display of numbers in the German translation.


  • Further updates to the code used to generate docs.bestpractical.com
    and minor updates to the pod to improve formatting.
  • New documentation for the ExtractSubjectTag extension by Kai Storbeck.


  • Allow extensions to add new one-time-to types and headers.
  • Expose version sorting code so Module::Install::RTx can use it.
  • More consistent returns from RT::Link->LoadByParams.
  • Added callbacks for changing the links from Quick search.
  • A callback for changing the Queues displayed on the Quick search.
  • Test setting and updating private/public GPG keys.
  • More escaping of URLs, targets and IDs in the menus.
  • Don’t create testing databases or set them up when checking syntax.
  • Add callbacks to the mobile login form.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
git log rt-4.0.10…rt-4.0.11rc1
or visiting
Comparing rt-4.0.10...rt-4.0.11rc1 · bestpractical/rt · GitHub