RT 4.0.0rc2 available

We’re pleased to announce that RT 4.0.0rc2 is now available to download.

This release targets a number of database bugs in rc1, including
multiple Oracle bug fixes and a few updates for MySQL 5.5.

You can download this snapshot from

fc842d1b1097359f2fac9812595d39b92c57cde3 rt-4.0.0rc2.tar.gz
aff8e0cdb76e2296a702d5e98e17f632448fda10 rt-4.0.0rc2.tar.gz.sig

RT 4.0.0rc2 contains two weeks of bug fixing since 4.0.0rc1 by these authors:

Alex Vandiver, Kevin Falcone, Ruslan Zakirov, Shawn M Moore, Thomas
Sibley, sunnavy


doc fixes (alexmv, falcone, sunnavy, trs)
MySQL 5.5 fixes (sunnavy)
Oracle fixes (ruz)
Fixes for EmailInputEncodings tests (alexmv, ruz)
Mobile UI bugfix (trs)
Make sessions an innodb table with a charset on mysql (ruz, falcone)
Fixes for README and deployment docs (falcone)
Correctly display Take transactions (ruz)
Fixes for user display (alexmv)
perl 5.10.1 bugfixes (falcone)