RT 3 - not all tickets always shown


I’m seeing strange things at least with RT3.0.8 and 3.0.9.

I created a component in my local Elements directory which tabulates all
new/open but unowned tickets. Here is a snippet :

my $MyTickets;
$MyTickets = new RT::Tickets ($session{‘CurrentUser’});

$MyTickets->LimitQueue(VALUE => “MyQueue”);

$MyTickets->LimitOwner(VALUE => “Nobody”);
$MyTickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => “open”);
$MyTickets->LimitStatus(VALUE => “new”);
$MyTickets->OrderBy(FIELD => ‘Id’, ORDER => ‘DESC’);


The system has lots of different queues but the current user can only see
one queue. If I add the LimitQueue statement (naming the queue where I
have access to), the correct result is shown.

Without LimitQueue, the
results are unpredictable (some tickets show up, some don’t, but all are
unowned new/open tickets in MyQueue).

Does anybody know what’s happening here (or what I’m doing wrong ? :slight_smile: