RT 3.8 Active Directory integration and single


Thank you very much for the advice. I am now able to authenticate using
LDAP when I log a new user into the RT web interface. I followed your
suggestion to use the full DN in the value for both the ‘user’ and
‘group’ attributes.


‘user’ => ‘cn=John Doe,ou=Some_Ou,dc=example,dc=local’,
‘group’ => ‘cn=Some_Group,ou=Some_Ou,dc=example,dc=local’,

instead of

‘user’ => ‘cn=jdoe,ou=Some_Ou,dc=example,dc=local’,
‘group’ => ‘cn=Some_Group,ou=Some_Ou,dc=example,dc=local’,

Another question would be, did you attempt the telnet from the RT box?

Yes, I did and was able to.

Thanks again,

Gene Evans