RT 3.8.7 Overlays


I’m having a lot of trouble with Overlays – so far, I have not been able to get them working.

As a test, I have copied rt/share/html/Elements/Logo to rt/local/html/Elements/Logo.
I then modified my local version of Logo, cleared the mason cache and restarted apache.

Any obvious things I should check?

  • Ryan

Still unable to get RT 3.8.7 to read my own custom html files in the local/html directories.

I’ve configured RT.pm with an absolute path for $BasePath, and relatives for the remaining variables; I believe this is correct.

our $BasePath = ‘/home/rrose/base/rt-3.8.7’;
our $EtcPath = ‘etc’;
our $BinPath = ‘bin’;
our $SbinPath = ‘sbin’;
our $VarPath = ‘var’;
our $PluginPath = ‘plugins’;
our $LocalPath = ‘local’;
our $LocalEtcPath = ‘local/etc’;
our $LocalLibPath = ‘local/lib’;
our $LocalLexiconPath = ‘local/po’;
our $LocalPluginPath = $LocalPath.“/plugins”;

tried copying various files such as share/html/Elements/Footer and
share/html/Elements/Header to modified versions at
local/html/Elements/Footer and local/html/Elements/Header, but I’m not
seeing any indication that RT has even attempted reading them.

also have the DevelMode = 1, so that I’m seeing extra debug info. I
have added some $RT:Logger->info() statement in
lib/RT/Interface/Web.pm, but ultimately I find myself at a dead end
when backtracing to $m->comp( { base_comp => $m->request_comp
}, $m->fetch_next, %$ARGS );

Can someone please confirm they are successfully using local html mods with rt 3.8.7? I’m really at a loss here.

  • Ryan