Rt 3.8.2 rc2

In honor of the rapidly ending winter holiday season, here is RC2 for
RT 3.8.2
This could also be called 3.8.2beta. Depending on the bug reports I
I expect this to be released as 3.8.2 next week.

If you are using RT::Authen::ExternalAuth with RT 3.8.1 please be
sure to upgrade to RT-Authen-ExternalAuth-0.07_02 (available on
CPAN) with this RC and with the future 3.8.2

sha1 sums

a4f2413951aa62d0e58041aa232f9bfa5abcdc62 rt-3.8.2rc2.tar.gz
58eaca7c8dcbf1a4115957d01d15125d90e4b6c0 rt-3.8.2rc2.tar.gz.sig

You can download this release from


Changes since 3.8.2rc1

  • translation import from rosetta
  • fix searching by CFs on Oracle
  • fixes to testsuite
  • removal of experimental mason image handling
  • clean up handling of static files in NoAuth/images and NoAuth/css
  • let more HTML tags created by the RichText editor show in the Ticket


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