RT 3.8.2 - Iteration trough transaction attachments


Im using this code in RT 3.8.2:


        my $attachments = $Transaction->Attachments;

        $attachments->Limit( FIELD    => 'Filename',

                             OPERATOR => "=",

                             VALUE    => '' );

        while ( my $message = $attachments->Next )



So I can do a While trough all the attachments that aren’t ticket “file attachments” but this isn’t working.

I saw this example (AddAttachmentLinksToMail - Request Tracker Wiki) but here they want the attachments. When I changed the OPERATOR from != to = it doesn’t work. What am I missing?

I want to build a final message history to send to the client by email but I want to ignore the file attachments sent by the user in the email messages.

How can I do that?


Filipe Clemente