Rt 3.8.1

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I’m pleased to announce the latest release of RT 3.8.
This update contains important bugfixes and some minor
functionality improvements.

You can download this release from:


47b808d13834a27c1323c73eb41ac22f9d7fb323 rt-3.8.1.tar.gz
6a9151e00b94954df946114f6e0950f830cf6a3e rt-3.8.1.tar.gz.sig

A Changelog follows

  • -kevin
  • [SECURITY] fixes html injection via user’s properties
  • Better support for installation on solaris and freebsd (non gnu make)
  • Updates to documentation and scripts for upgrading
    from mysql 4.0
  • Updated upgrade documentation for the new Queue Tag and
    bookmarks features.
  • Multiple bugs in iCal support fixed
  • Backwards compatibility fixes for extensions developed against 3.6

A more complete list is below


  • Avoid possible corruption of $_ in Mail Plugins [ruz]

  • Fix Bulk Update and limited searches [jacky]

  • Added backwards compatibility fixes for Email::Address vs
    Mail::Address [kevin]

  • Fix Makefile to be more compatible with non-gnu make (freebsd) [ruz]

  • [SECURITY]: Fixed html injection via user’s properties

  • Fix adding of Watchers using usernames instead of Emails [kevin]

  • Remove confusing buttons from WYSIWIG editor

  • Fix JS Editing Widget for Replies under IE [kevin]

  • Fixed emails squelching. In RT 3.8.0 user may receive notification
    even if
    he has been black listed. [ruz]

  • Some parts in templates could be localized using language preferences
    defined in the browser of first visitor [ruz]

  • Fixed issue with internatinal values of header fields in ticket’s
    when ticket is created via UI [ruz]

  • Fix encryption of attachments using inline format [Juan C. Montes]

  • Undefs may end up in callbacks cache, try to prevent them. [ruz]

  • Fix compatibility with mod_perl2 [ruz]

  • Make shrink_cgm_table.pl utility from etc/upgrade/ less memory hungry,
    load only 1000 records at once [ruz]

  • Multiple fixes in new ‘plugins’ functionality. [ruz, kevin]

  • Fix autocomplete custom field with one value [kevin]

  • Multiple fixes in etc/upgrade/schema.mysql-4.0-4.1.pl
    ** fix issues with NOT NULL DEFAULT NULL [Mathieu Longtin]
    ** Bump required version of DBD::mysql

  • Right after connect execute SET NAMES on mysql 4.1 and newer

  • Fixed Queues.html link in Tabs for Admin/Global/CustomFields.

  • Don’t add additional line endings in ticket history contents
    if using PlainTextPre display [elacour]

  • Take care of $OldestTransactionsFirst when taging transactions
    as last one with “lasttrans” in ticket history [elacour, Eynat Nir

  • Various tiny fixes in web installer [sunnavy, ruz]

  • Make the height of navigation box adjust itself when there
    is more than one line of items [elacour]

  • Don’t install anything if it’s ‘inplace’ layout [ruz]

  • Fix disappearing bookmarks after ticket merges [ruz]

  • In 3.8.0 searches for bookmarks were implemented as invalid
    TicketSQL so it
    was not possible to adjust global format of 'Bookmarked Tickets’
    search or
    use it bookmarks in other searches. New syntax has been implemented
    "id = ‘Bookmarked’" that can be used. Read UPGRADING for more
    [ruz, kevin]

  • Fix handling of relative dates entered by user vs. timezones [ruz]

  • Multiple fixes in iCal feeds [kevin]

  • CF->Queue method has been deprecated and deleted,
    but there was still a call in the code. [ruz]

  • Fix invocations of install and find commands, installation should
    working again on some systems [elacour]

  • Ship the latest install-sh from AM 1.10 [elacour]

  • make iCal date fomatter consistent with other formatters [ruz]

  • Return some backward compatibility in /Elements/ListActions
    for extensions [ruz]

  • Change submit Label to be “Modify” when editing an existing
    template [elacour]

  • Don’t hide the footer in dashboard renders [sartak]


  • Added support for external links in tabs and targets

  • add a new callback before ticket creation so you can implement
    custom validation or stop creation for another reason. [kevin]

  • Missing documentation to externalauth configuration variable
    in bin/rt and make it possible to set it via ENV [elacour]

  • Merged method in RT::Ticket [ruz]


  • Updated UPGRADING, READING, UPGRADING.mysql [ruz, kevin]

  • Updated docs/queue_subject_tag.pod [ruz, Richard Hartmann]

  • Default layout is relative these days [ruz]

  • Tests coverage instructions [clkao]

  • Fixed some typos here and there [kevin, spang]


  • Updated Japanese translation. [Shinji R. Yamane]

  • Updated Russian translation. [Andrew Kornilov]


  • Clean ups in shredder’s tests [kevin, spang]

  • More fixes for parallel testing [spang]

  • Output mail to tempfile instead of default /mailer.testfile
    when using the ‘testfile’ [spang]

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