RT 3.8.1 extremely slow on many recipient

Hi there,

My RT installation is generally running fast and responsive, but
tickets that have three or more recipients (CC’d by requestor) are
extremely slow. I’ve been running vmstat while opening the ticket, and
the system is not more busy when displaying such a ticket. I see a
slight CPU increase for apache, but nothing worth mentioning. My only
thought is that this must be a bug…

Any thoughts or comments from you guys?

Best regards

Allan Eising

I recently purchased RT essentials (the O’reilly book) and read through
it. I intend to migrate the company I just started at away from Remedy,
and Kana to RT.

Currently we use kana for email support and this will be the first part
of the migration, foot in the door so to speak.

The way I would like the new installation to work:

Emails sent to support@companyname.com would be filtered via keywords
into separate queues if no match is made it will go into a general

Emails matched by keyword go into technicians mail queues in a fashion
to help balance workload (first email in goes to technician ones queue,
email two commensurately goes to technician number 2, kind of a round
robin so the work load is shared equally) is this something that I will
have to create via scrip?

We process around 800 emails a day and would like to have room to expand
up to double that, as well as around 1500 tickets per day between 60
employees what should I spec out for hardware? 2.6ghz processor with 2
gigs of ram should handle the load from the back of napkin math I have
done, please correct me if I am wrong.

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