Rt 3.8.1: can't minimize link searches on "RT at a glance" homepage for user

Hi folks,

I posted this in the rt-users area but it didn’t seem that folks had seen this before.

I noticed a problem with rt 3.8.1. In older versions of rt I could add searches
to my “RT at a glance” page and minimize them. The page would save itself and when
I logged in again, the page would present itself with my links minimized.

In the new version, I can add searches to my page, but when you try to minimize
the search it only holds while you are looking at the page. If you logout or
click on another area in rt (say, Simple Search, Tickets, RTFM, Tools…etc), when
you come back to your home “RT at a glance” page, the searches are all expanded again.

Is there a fix? Am I missing something obvious?