RT 3.8.0rc2 coming soon. I need testers

As you have no-doubt just seen, we’re retooling for the RT 3.8.0
release. This means I have less confidence in the build system I used
to produce the RT 3.8.0rc2 tarball. (The code is identical to what
you’d get from the old system.)

I’d appreciate it if I could get at least one or two “yes, I
downloaded it. it works” responses. (I’ll appreciate the “no. it’s all
broken” responses, but I’ll appreciate them differently.)

Changes since RC1:

* numerous small bugs fixed with dashboards
* numerous small bugs fixed with ticket relationship charts
* Restore (add) the ability to get ticket graphs by owner/requestor/ 

* Additional Perl 5.10 compatibility fixes

* IMPORTANT: Fix a bug which could cause RT to be unable to receive  

mail if configured to write to an unwritable temporary directory.
(No data loss would occur. But your company might hypothetically
see a delay in ticket email if RT were misconfigured)

* Makefile code duplication removed

* CSS: Improved layout of page header and search UI on many browsers
* CSS: styling cleanups
* CSS: added focus and hover effects to buttons



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