RT 3.8.0 - timezone offset applied incorrectly in RT::Date

I submitted a bug report (#10244) to rt3.fsck.com on this as well, but
thought I’d post to the list for the benefit of those who search the
list archives rather than the bug tracker.

It looks like RT 3.8.0’s date routines (lib/RT/Date.pm) at one point
misapply the timezone offset (subtracting it, rather than adding it)
after receiving a GMT timestamp from Date::Parsedate. To correct,
change line 203 from

$date -= ($self->Localtime( $args{Timezone}, $date ))[9];

$date += ($self->Localtime( $args{Timezone}, $date ))[9];

Mark Roedel
Senior Programmer / Analyst
LeTourneau University