RT 3.8.0 Search build page real slow

Hey List

Lately (both before and after upgrade to 3.8.0) i’v been having problems
with performance of the query builder.
Overall RT runs quite fast, viewing of queues and tickets is fully
acceptable and ticket updates is also fine.
However, if i want to do a custom search and therefore opens a new query
performance falls.
The query builder page takes way over 1 minute to load and the same
loading time apply for every term adding action. If build a moderately
complex query i can easily use 20 minutes, just to add the terms - most
of this waiting time. Looking on the server i can see, that RT eats
about 70-80 pct. af my 2,8 gHZ Xeon CPU while sending the page to me.

The database is quite huge (about 1 GB holding 34k tickets with 300k
transactions), however when both queue and ticket viewing is fast that
can’t be the problem ?

Does anyone else of the have big trouble with the query building page ?

Any ideas for how to speed it up ?

Iv solved the problem my self.
Faulty rights on a specific queue caused the owner list to be quite
long, which RT didn’t like.
(By mistake someone had given the own ticket right on the queue to all
unprivileged users)

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