Rt 3.6.x on Debian sarge

I have RT instaalled on debian sarge using standard package, i.e. version
3.4.1 (I know very old). I would like to upgrade to 3.6.0 but it seems
imposible as a lot of perl modules are not available and mod_perl (I am
using this) is in version 1.99 and not 2.0 as required.
Has anyone overcome all these issues and has it running?
Thanks a lot
Vladimir Jirasek


I’m also using RT on debian sarge, but I backported the
libapache2-mod-perl2, perl, and some related libs from unstable.
Currently I’m running 3.4.4, and within a few weeks 3.6.0
There is no package available for RT 3.6.0 even in unstable branch, so I
had to make the packages by myself. My test server is alredy running
3.6.0 without problems :slight_smile:

That (backports + unofficial packages) is not a very goog solution,
cause I have to mantain the backports (In case of security updates, bug
fixes, etc I have to rebuild the packages). If Iim not mistaken there is
a server for backported packages, but I prefer to use mine…

Gilmar Santos Jr