RT 3.6.4rc1

I expect we’ll roll the final release in about a week. Please give us
a heads up if anything appears out of sorts:


  • Fix setting up cookies, as result no more the relogin problem, and
    people choose WebSessionClass without side effects.

  • fix that lets users create tickets with custom field values in

  • Now the autohandler redirects unprivileged users from Ticket/
    Display.html to
    the Self-Service interface, so people see correct URL and browsers
    build absolute URLs from relative (previously we were showing
    wrong “Reply”
    links). Thanks to David Chandek-Stark.

  • Fix situation when an user adds the same person into two or more
    watcher groups
    of a ticket.

  • Correct handling of a special value returned by email plugins. That
    was wrong
    idea to run next email plugin when the current plugin says that
    has been done (returned status -2).

  • Fix a bug in CustomField->Create where assigned Queue is not properly
    associated with the newly created CF. This was previously not
    because rt-setup-database is always supplying queue id to this

  • Put the search navigation in the right submenu. Thanks to Dirk Pape
    the patch.

  • We’ve done complete review of RT’s dependencies. Added --with-
    option to the configure script, so you don’t have to install modules
    required to use standalone server (useful for developers only).
    We also don’t ask to install modules required to support development
    mode unless you’ve used --with-devel-mode option. Some modules
    have been
    removed from dependencies as we don’t use them anymore or use them

  • don’t push transactions into batch unless CommitScrips is true,
    this fixes a bug: users click Reply button and we fire a correspond
    scrip that is in the batch stage

  • [#8169] Added a missing to the Simple Search page. Thanks to
    Arran Cudbard-Bell for the catch.

  • Rename sub ‘_’ that may cause a failure in the CPAN module during

  • run callback Ticket/Display.html before redirect as people are
    using it
    to update the ticket, but redirect hides all arguments we had. Now
    some callbacks contributed to the wiki should work again as expected.

  • Using named functions in Mason components may result in bugs due to
    shared namespace, all such functions have been converted into

  • Resolve a clobbered regex-match $1 by stashing the principal ID in a
    temporary variable. Thanks to Richard Harman.

  • Fix errors propagation during changing CF values of a record. Thanks
    to Philip Kime.

  • Fix errors propagation during creation of a ticket via REST. Thanks
    to Philip Kime.

  • fix a bug with saved searches on the rt at glance when summary rows
    and rows per page of a saved search are different values. Summary
    options control number of rows you see in boxes on the rt at
    glance page,
    but when you click the subject line of a box you are redirected to
    of the saved search and see as many rows as defined in the search.

  • fix problems in Quicksearch when queue name has the ampersand char

  • use local during filling the T:: namespace for a template processing,
    otherwise we have a global reference to a ticket and destruction is
    delayed which hurts TransactionBatch stage

  • Move RT’s detection of incoming mail that may be a loop or
    to better catch such cases before certain “Permission denied”
    messages are

  • [#8252] Include subject of bounced messages when mailing the RT owner
    about a mail error. Thanks to pere@hungry.com.

  • [#8186] Fix a possible race condition in the “SetOwner” routine that
    could be triggered when two users tried to take a ticket at the same
    time. Thanks to Todd Chapman.

  • make bin/rt link work and fix the associated tests

  • Reworked searches by watchers (Requestors, Owners, Ccs and AdminCcs)
    and added a lot of tests. However, ‘Watcher.Field != X’ still may
    under some conditions and this wouldn’t be fixed in near future.

  • Fix for “unlimited rows” searches from James Bunch and Todd Chapman.


  • Get rid of 1 query per queue in Queue Summary component on the ‘RT
    at glance’
    page, should be visible on setups with a lot of queues.

  • Use ‘Watcher = X’ inestead of ‘Requestor = X OR Cc = X OR AdminCc =
    X’ in
    the SelfService interface. Both queries do quite the same job, but
    former is significantly faster. Thanks to Dirk Pape for the catch.

  • Use a local array of attachments we have instead of $Transaction-

call in Ticket/Elements/ShowTransaction.

  • XHTML cleanup from Dirk Pape

  • Prevent accidental display of transactions from the wrong ticket
    when you
    explicitly specify a ticket id and a transaction id in the CLI.
    Thanks to Philip Kime at Shopzilla.

  • [#8169] Enable UTF8 passwords. Thanks to Jedik.

  • Made MyDay.html actually work. Based in spirit on a patch from
    Chris Hobbs.

  • The selected option of the “OrderBy”-selectbox cannot be saved in
    Prefs/SearchOptions.html if only one (of possibly 4) sort field is
    and other are set to none. Thanks to Dirk Pape.

  • The drop.Oracle script was incomplete, drop statements were
    incorrect for
    version 3.6.3. Reported by Christophe Nowicki.

  • Fix an inaccurate error message. Thanks to Nicholas Clark.

  • Fix for “Page 1 of 0” . Thanks to Nicholas Clark.


  • Implement redirect after update in SelfService as it’s implemented
    in the full
    interface, so people can reload page without side effects. Thanks
    to doogles
    and Todd Chapman.

  • if we have subject line regexp then we should use it during mail
    Allow RT admins to use any token they want that matches the regexp.
    So now it’s possible to use the following in a template:

  • Backport ‘RT at glance with one column’ feature from 3.7

  • RT now complains when you try to start the application server with
    either too-old a perl or a broken version of Scalar::Util.

  • [#8256] New API to avoid mail loop when using RT-Extension-
    Thanks to pere@hungry.com.

  • Allow merging resolved tickets

  • Allow transactions to be displayed by range using the CLI.
    Patch from Philip Kime.

  • Minor 3.6 style cleanups to tighten up the display a bit.

  • Allow users to use WebXXX in a format string of searches


  • New Swedish translation and updated Danish translation contributed
    by Brian Kjelin Olsen and Schilling A/S

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Jesse Vincent wrote:

  • Made MyDay.html actually work. Based in spirit on a patch from Chris

What a delightfully diplomatic way of saying my original patch was crap
:slight_smile: Thank you for fixing it, and for being generous with your credit!


Jesse Vincent wrote:

  • Made MyDay.html actually work. Based in spirit on a patch from
    Chris Hobbs.

What a delightfully diplomatic way of saying my original patch was
crap :slight_smile: Thank you for fixing it, and for being generous with your

It was a useful patch. And had it not been sitting in my inbox
nagging me, I never would have gotten around to doing the feature.
And I started by applying your patch and refactoring until the code
made me happy :slight_smile:

So, I did actually mean the thanks :slight_smile:



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