RT 3.6.3: Chaning Orrder by setting in highest priority tickets/newwest unowned tickets

Hi Everyone,

I am wondering if this is a bug or a feature of RT 3.6.3. When a user
tries to change “Priority” in “Order by” for “highest priority tickets I
own” and/or change “Created” in “Order by” for “newest unowned tickets”,
the change does not take. That is, it returned to the original setting.
I know, in these two cases, that these setting are in the system wide
definitions for these two fields. As a normal user does not see “You can
also edit the predefined search itself:”, this is available only to
Super User and I certainly do not want to give that privilege out to
everyone of my users.

Is what I am seeing normal behavior? I was under the impression that
when a user made a change to these settings that the information was
stored in their own copy of a predefined search. RT is acting as if the
user cannot override the first value in “Order by”. I gave users
permissions to Modify Self, and to change, edit and view saved searches.
Is there another permission they need?

Thank you for your time.


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