RT 3.5.2 rocks!

I just wanted to drop Jesse et al a note saying THANK YOU for 3.5.2 . I
know its not release yet, and isn’t stable, but I like it !! :slight_smile:

It fixes a lot of gripes with RT and layout control, the Reminders
feature rocks and lots of those annoying bugs a gone.

I spent the last day converting our mods into 3.5.2 and it works a treat!

Theres a few annoying bugs still left from 3.4.X series - The “Grant
this user rights” and password box are still ignored during the initial
create (argh!!!) …

Oh, and as a tip: Add an easier way to edit the “Columns” definition.
Perhaps if no Field ID is selected, it will just repeat the Title down
the columns - I manually added “Take” and “Kill” to the DefaultFormat
and after hacking Elements/CollectionAsTable & RT__Tickets I was able to
get it to include those options.

I look forward to the future releases of the 3.5.X family!!!

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