Rt 3.4.2 against oracle 10g

My environment is:

RT server:
Apache2, fastcgi
RT 3.4.2
SuSE 9, kernel 2.6
Dual CPU P4

DB server:
Oracle 10g, lots of RAM and CPU

RT has suddenly gotton really slow. We have about 2100 tickets in our
database … it was fast until about 1600 or 1700 tickets, and then it got
slow. I’ve looked at CPU and mem usage, and even during searches, CPU
doesn’t go below 70% idle and mem usage is minimal.

Has anyone else encountered the same problem with a similiar setup? Any



I ran into something similar, although I’m running Solaris and Oracle
9i. Jesse pointed me to session locking. Session management defaults
to Apache::Session::File when in use with Oracle. So performance takes
a double hit, first from all the file I/O, which degrades as
$RT/var/session_data/ fills with files, and second from the session
locking that Apache::Session performs to prevent session object corruption.

I set up a cron job to clear $RT/var/session_data regularly and that
sped things up noticeably. The next step would be to disable session
locking. I tested this under minimal load and it seemed to work okay
(YMMV). For now, I’m leaving locking enabled unless performance goes
south again.

The other option is to try and enable session storage in Oracle. I gave
it a shot but the behavior was a little erratic.

Hope this helps.